How to make atta ka halwa (Kadah Prasad) at home

Shaifi Bansal
2 min readFeb 10, 2021


“Shubh kaam krne se pehle kuch meetha ho jae” - This is the tagline which fits pretty well for Indians. Be it a new year, any religious ceremony or any auspicious event, kadah prasad is a common sight and everybody irrespective of age enjoys it a lot. I am sharing the recipe for the same in the proportionate manner so that anybody can make it according to one’s requirement.

Ingredients (for 2–3 servings)

  • Half small bowl desi ghee
  • Half small bowl atta(wheat flour)
  • Half small bowl sugar
  • Water (3.5 times flour)

(In short take equal amount of ghee, flour and sugar)

Procedure :

Take a karahi(saucepan) and put ghee in it. When ghee melts completely then put flour in it and start stirring it on medium flame. On the side burner, took 3.5 times water(1 3/4 small bowl in this case) in another bowl and add sugar in it and boil it. Keep stirring the flour in the saucepan till it gains brown colour. Now add the boiling water with sugar in the saucepan and keep stirring it but in a little bit fast manner. In a manner of seconds, it will expand. You will see some knots in the material but keep on stirring it as they will get dissolved slowly. After 2–3 minutes, the material will start to combine together and will start moving together as one unit. It will stop sticking to the pan and you will see some ghee drops around the saucepan. After half a minute of this turn off the gas and the dish is ready to serve.

TIP: This tastes good when served hot. According to my daadi (grandmother), it gives relief in sore throat and runny nose. It works for me and you can try it too.

Kadah Prasad(Atta ka halwa)



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